Audit & Assurance

An audit of financial statements provides comfort to stakeholders in the business (especially the shareholders) and confirms the tax office that the accounts are prepared correctly, are substantially correct and are in accordance with an international accounting standard. It is a requirement in Malta that all companies prepare audited accounts.

e-Volve Malta’s team of professional accountants are able to provide a full range of accounting solutions including the preparation of audited accounts as well as the audit of accounts prepared elsewhere, or prepared by the client in house.

We can work from your figures or from your software system, from the work of another local Maltese or international accountant or from scratch. In addition to providing audit and assistance e-Volve Malta is also more than happy to provide a comprehensive accounting, bookkeeping, VAT compliance (if applicable) accounting and audit solution or for any combination of the the above services.

We can also provide non-financial audit and assurance services including information systems reviews over both financial statements and non-financial information such as accounts receivables, comfort letters, risk assessment and business due diligence (which is especially relevant for client looking to invest into Maltese and foreign companies).

e-Volve Malta can also prepare auditor’s declarations to confirm the value of non-cash contributions to Maltese companies. Such declarations, often based on a foreign valuation, are often necessary.