Investment Funds

Benefits include the lowest tax rates in Europe and certain funds which are entirely exempt from VAT.

Aside from the various tax benefits and affordable local services regulation in Malta is amongst the fastest and most streamlined in Europe and our access to the regulator is unparalleled.

e-Volve Malta can provide the following services relating to Maltese investments funds:

  1. Establishment and regulation of professional and retail investment funds.
  2. Regular reporting to the board / investment committee.
  3. Introduction to local Maltese investment advisors.
  4. Introduction to local Maltese investment managers.
  5. Introduction to local Maltese custodians.
  6. Provision of local Maltese directors
  7. Provision of dedicated staff (if required).
  8. Preparation of audited financial statements.

In addition to Maltese investment funds e-Volve Malta may be able to assist, through its network of overseas partner firms, with the regulation of investment funds in other countries both inside and outside the EU.