Licensing & Regulatory Support

Through our team of well-connected professionals, who work closely with various Maltese government departments and regulators, we are able to provide prompt and straightforward assistance with obtaining authorisation to conduct regulated activities in Malta.

We can assist with obtaining licences for online gaming companies as well as other areas of regulation.

Having e-Volve Malta onboard for your licence application offers the following benefits:

  1. A one-stop-shop for all services in Malta, as opposed to otherwise  having to find and coordinate the services of a local Maltese company formation agent, accountant, law firm,  regulatory team, the Malta Gaming Authority, a local director/key official, the support team necessary to complete the annual reports to the regulator etc.
  2. e-Volve Malta  has many years of experience in obtaining authorisation, especially for foreign (non-Maltese) firms, in Malta.
  3. e-Volve Malta is uniquely placed to use its experience and network of contacts, including those inside the Malta Gaming Authority to ensure that your licence application is properly drafted and submitted from the outset and receive prompt attention once submitted.