Online Gaming

Numerous advantages of establishing a remote gaming company in Malta include the lowest tax rate in the EU.

e-Volve Malta can assist with the following online gaming services:

  1. Advice on the appropriate class of remote gaming licence.
  2. Company formation including valuation and capitalization of non-cash assets, such as software or IP already held outside Malta.
  3. Tax advice on the setup and operation of the e-Gaming business in Malta and abroad.
  4. Preparation of business plans suitable for the Malta Gaming Authority.
  5. Preparation of all other documents necessary for authorisation as a Maltese iGaming company (including, contracts, procedures, risk policies, financial projection, template accounts, business model etc).
  6. Review of all documents/business plan.
  7. Application for a Malta remote gaming/eGaming licence.
  8. Appointment of local Maltese directors and/or key official to the iGaming company (in most cases our directors and key official will have been pre-approved by the Maltese Gaming Authority).
  9. Introduction to local Maltese hosting companies.
  10. Introduction to local Maltese payment companies.
  11. Attending, with you or on your behalf, the Malta Gaming Authorities pre-golive systems audit.
  12. Ongoing reporting to the Malta Gaming Authority.
  13. Preparation of Value Added Tax (VAT) returns (if applicable).
  14. Preparation of annual audited financial statements.

e-Volve Malta is uniquely well placed to offer a comprehensive eGaming package because it is both a regulated accountancy firm, a corporate service provider and an expert at obtaining regulation due to its extensive experience and network of contacts in Malta including within the Malta Gaming Authority.

In addition to Maltese iGaming services, e-Volve Malta may be able to assist, through its network of overseas partner firms, with the regulation of remote gaming in other countries both inside and outside the EU including Curacao.